Our Mission

We work in partnership with multiple stakeholders to advance inclusive career readiness programs, and innovatively transform public and affordable housing communities using value-driven models, which emphasize: 

  1. STEM Education and Training (K-12)
  2. Career Training, Planning and Development 
  3. General Counseling, Outreach and Fatherhood Mentoring

Our Vision


Our Vision is to see communities transformed from the inside out through the innovative concepts learned in the STEM curriculum. 

We agree with the school of thought that

'Reimagining, Restoring, and Rethinking'

how we develop the future will bring economic mobility and equitable change  to disadvantaged youth and the communities in which they live through Collective Impact model.

But most of all, we envision that change starting in the Cradle and  leading them to rewarding Career.


Our Partnerships


Our business model process for 21st Century Workforce development is obtained through Collective Impact.

Diverse individuals, organizations and community leaders embrace synergy in order to develop, implement and sustain innovative strategies which encourage youth personal and professional development. 

Our STEM Innovation Networks partnerships warrant service opportunities for youth to learn and acquire hands on high technical STEM skills through non-paid and paid internships within their perspective organizations  


Commitment– Embrace mission and fulfill individual and organization responsibilities. Going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure mission success. 

Adaptability- Always remain open-mind to consider and encourage change. Promote out of the box thinking, cross-training and share best practice to create a stronger and transparent organization. 

Respect- Treat all clients with equality to preserve their dignity, establish and maintain strong rapport to ensure our mission. 

Excellence- Consistently demonstrate service efficiency solidifying process improvements, timely deliverables and customer feedback for superb customer satisfaction 

Support– Be truly client-centric by identifying, fully considering, and appropriately advancing the interests of youth, their family and other community beneficiaries to fulfill mission. 


Common Agenda

Common Progress Measures

Mutually Reinforcing Activites


Backbone Organization


  • Creating sustainable partnerships that provide added value to our mission that ensures capacity building and growth for participating organizations and businesses.

  • Lead branding for HUD STEM Innovation NetworkEmpower STEM education and training continuum 

  • Create STEM career field opportunities i.e. geospatial architecture and Information Technology 

  • Cultivate synergetic STEM workforce through mentoring and general counseling 

  • Design infrastructure for economic sustainability by removing redundancy & dependency by building strong, resilient, and inclusive communities