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  From STEM camps to leadership academies, conferences, competitions, and more--find out what is going on in an Innovation Hub near you!  

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Faith Linton, Esq. is a Founding Board Member and Director for Community Advancements for 360 Cradle To Careers. Linton is the managing partner of a family-owned real estate development and management company that specializes in promoting creative ways to reimagine urban properties while providing affordable housing and contemporary services to individuals and their families. With a forty-seven year history of providing safe and decent housing for an increasing number of low-to-moderate income families unable to afford homeownership. Ms. Linton leads  as a visionary, pioneer and advocate for  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, training and demonstration opportunity. 



John Dwyer has followed an extensive career path working in a number of service industries. He is a graduate of the college at SUNY Albany having studied both behavioral and cognitive psychology. After graduation John had various opportunities to serve the community as a qualified mental health professional in social services through respite work with inner city youth, supported employment programming for disabled young adults, and adult mental health services.

After working in social services for a number of years he pursued a career in community relations and patient and family services at a local community hospital and then joined the staff at the Greenville Hospital System in Greenville, SC to provide family trauma support services and bereavement counseling at the Greenville Trauma Center.

In 2010 he became the Executive Director of Read to Them, a national family literacy nonprofit where he oversaw exceptional growth. To date the organization has served more than 1 million children and families across the country with their flagship program One School, One Book. John possesses an extensive knowledge of child and adolescent care services including childhood development, educational services and family support. He also brings experience in organizational growth and nonprofit administration and services to 360 Cradle to Careers.