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We work in partnership with multiple stakeholders to advance inclusive career readiness programs, and innovatively transform public and affordable housing communities using value-driven models, which emphasize: 

  1. STEM Education and Training (K-12)
  2. Career Training, Planning and Development 
  3. General Counseling, Outreach and Fatherhood Mentoring


Our Vision is to see communities transformed from the inside out through the innovative concepts learned in the STEM curriculum. 

We agree with the school of thought that

'Reimagining, Restoring, and Rethinking'

how we develop the future will bring economic mobility and equitable change  to disadvantaged youth and the communities in which they live through Collective Impact model.

But most of all, we envision that change starting in the Cradle and  leading them to rewarding Career.




Our business model process for 21st Century Workforce development is obtained through Collective Impact.

Diverse individuals, organizations and community leaders embrace synergy in order to develop, implement and sustain innovative strategies which encourage youth personal and professional development. 

Our STEM Innovation Networks partnerships warrant service opportunities for youth to learn and acquire hands on high technical STEM skills through non-paid and paid internships within their perspective organizations  

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Meet the Board of Directors

See Video about the Work Faith Lintion is doing in the Community


Faith A. Linton, Esq. is the managing partner of a family-owned real estate development and management company that specializes in promoting creative ways to re-imagine urban properties while providing affordable housing and contemporary services to individuals and their families. With a forty-seven year history of providing safe and decent housing for an increasing number of low-

to-moderate income families unable to afford home ownership.  

Ms. Linton upgraded the company’s ethos to adapt and reuse economically obsolete dwellings and turn them around into viable, thriving, and sustainable communities. Ms. Linton oversees the operational functions of the business and has been serving in that capacity since  1994. Prior to that she attended Virginia colleges and received BA and Master's degrees. She went on to law school at Cleveland Marshall College of Law where she graduated in 1987 earning a Juris Doctor degree. Upon gaining admission to the New York Bar, she worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County for six years; resulting in a ninety-five percent success rate in litigating cases ranging from felony gun possession to homicides. Forfeiting a brilliant legal career, she decided to return to Virginia and quickly restructured the close corporation and added a Class A Construction Company in 2001. Using

solid human resource and training skills, she increased organizational capacity and provided opportunities to disadvantaged workers, all the while, directing the company to an annual growth rate exceeding twenty-five percent (25%) per year. In spite of the recent economic trouble, Ms. Linton was able to efficiently sustain the business and its fiscal performance. In 2012, Ms.

Linton expanded the company to  Multifamily acquisition and is leading the transformation of a tenant-in-place rehabilitation project consisting of a two-hundred and fifty-two (252) unit twenty-eight (28) acre community by modernizing it with modern with updated amenities; to include a state of the art STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Center. Ms. Linton is a dauntless and passionate steward of the company’s doctrine to create innovative

public/private partnerships. The tenet is designed to conduct both a physical and community needs assessment leading to a thorough understanding of family needs, local priorities and stakeholder’s interests. Working collectively, ensuring community involvement, a common agenda is used to create a unified and cohesive approach focused on individual empowerment and advancement.

Ms. Linton has always had a passion to bring awareness, educate, and inspire the youth, who so often, in many affordable housing communities, are entangled in a generational cycle of

poverty. She feels strongly that persistently exposing youth and their families to 21st Century learning opportunities related to STEM fields will provide the catalyst necessary to propel

interested youth to otherwise evasive, yet rewarding, education and career prospects. Her educational background as a college professor - coupled with her genuine empathy for the underserved and disconnected - provided the fundamental training necessary to form good skills to teach. Her goal is to create a culture of learning by supporting fun pedagogical community experiences to break the debilitating cycle of poverty. Her efforts have inspired countless youth

and have imparted many with leadership skills to participate in society and strengthen America’s economy.



John Dwyer has followed an extensive career path working in a number of service industries. He is a graduate of the college at SUNY Albany having studied both behavioral and cognitive psychology. After graduation John had various opportunities to serve the community as a qualified mental health professional in social services through respite work with inner city youth, supported employment programming for disabled young adults, and adult mental health services.

After working in social services for a number of years he pursued a career in community relations and patient and family services at a local community hospital and then joined the staff at the Greenville Hospital System in Greenville, SC to provide family trauma support services and bereavement counseling at the Greenville Trauma Center.

In 2010 he became the Executive Director of Read to Them, a national family literacy nonprofit where he oversaw exceptional growth. To date the organization has served more than 1 million children and families across the country with their flagship program One School, One Book. John possesses an extensive knowledge of child and adolescent care services including childhood development, educational services and family support. He also brings experience in organizational growth and nonprofit administration and services to 360 Cradle to Careers.

Don Babers



After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, Babers began his career as a HUD intern in 1970, coming up through the Department’s ranks doing every conceivable job.   “Every job I ever had at HUD put me on a path to the next one,” said Babers.  “I can only hope that my efforts have been enough to repay the wonderful communities and people that I’ve had the honor and pleasure to work with.”  HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan added, “During his entire career, Don has demonstrated a passion and commitment for helping people.  From improving substandard housing conditions for public housing residents throughout Texas to shouldering some of the heaviest loads in the wake of Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast, Don has always been the consummate public servant.  His presence and his interpersonal skills have made a real difference in the lives of countless families.”

Babers began his federal career in June 1970 as an intern in HUD’s Fort Worth field office, later serving as an Equal Opportunity Specialist and Fair Housing Director in HUD’s Little Rock, Arkansas field office. For 15 years, the Fort Worth native was the Area Manager (Field Office Director) for HUD’s Dallas field office, where his accomplishments included leading the effort to resolve a housing discrimination challenge brought against HUD.  His work in helping to settle that case is credited for significantly expanding affordable housing opportunities for lower income public housing residents in 36 East Texas counties.

In 2002, he was appointed Deputy Regional Director of HUD’s Fort Worth Regional Office and in 2006, the Secretary appointed him as  Chairman of the Board of the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO).  Babers was given the difficult task of overseeing the city’s public housing recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. During his two years in New Orleans, he oversaw every facet of HANO’s redevelopment efforts designed to provide rental and homeownership housing to displaced families. In a highly charged environment, Babers formed important partnerships among groups with disparate viewpoints and agendas by working effectively with Federal, State and City agencies, officials and legislators, private and non-profit organizations, residents and the national media.

In 2006, Babers’ efforts in New Orleans and his distinguished track record earned him the prestigious Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive, the highest award a career federal civil servant can receive..
Although Babers is retiring from civil service, he isn’t retiring from a life of service, as he will become even more active in his church.
“As every Texan proclaims, everything is bigger and better in Texas,” said Hoban-Moore.  “Don’s departure and the litany of fond memories he’s leaving behind will only lend credence to the state’s legend. Mr. B is the quintessential Texan. ”